Every girl should have a fashionable women's skirt in her wardrobe. This is one of the oldest types of clothing. Many girls choose stylish skirts in combination with shirts, blouses and tops, not dresses. After all, it allows you to dress much more diversely. To always look stylish, let's deal with that, what skirts are and how to wear them correctly.

What length are the skirts?

Regardless, you are interested in a smelly skirt or another model, clothes can be presented in different lengths. Let's discuss the most common options:

Above the knee on 10 centimeters - mini. Currently, women are also actively buying micro-skirts. They bare their legs on 25 centimeters.
"To the knee" - options for skirts, the length of which reaches the knee or ends above the knee. Skirts are ideal, covering only part of the knee. It was this length that the legendary Chanel considered the most flawless. Such an outfit makes the figure even more feminine and slender.
Midi skirts are also in demand. They are lower than the knee level at a minimum 10 centimeters. If you are looking for a business outfit, choose midi skirts. Versatility is another advantage, after all, skirts are suitable for young girls, as well as women of age.
A very popular and long skirt is a maxi. They are presented in a wide assortment: can cover as an ankle, and be in the floor.
Usually, women's wardrobes have skirts of different lengths. After all, it allows you to choose clothes depending on the specific situation and preferences. Correctly selected length helps to visually improve the figure and emphasize the advantages.
You can buy women's skirts wholesale or retail from us. Therefore, you can buy quality products for your personal wardrobe, yes and for that, to fill your store's catalog with current items.

The main types of skirts

Skirts are also divided into several types, depending on the form. One of the most popular options is straight skirts. It is sewn like this, to form a clear vertical. The length can be different, as well as the cut. A straight skirt with a slit is also in demand.
Our catalog presents options for skirts, which are widened or narrowed from below. Such clothes can become part of your office wardrobe, example, a universal option is a pencil skirt.
Conical skirts are also very popular, which expand downwards. Example, flared skirts, that fit the figure to the hips. A sun skirt is a very popular variety, which allows you to advantageously emphasize the waist and other types of figure.
Wedge skirts are also needed. It is sewn in this way, so that all wedges become wider downwards. Thanks to this, the skirt looks lush and elegant. A good option for summer.
A narrowed short skirt should also be in the wardrobe. It has small pleats at the waist, but it is already going down. Such models are good for girls, with which it is necessary to hide the flaws of the figure, such as the tummy.

Where to buy stylish and inexpensive skirts

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