Dresses have always been an integral part of a woman's wardrobe. A properly selected dress will be a good decision for everyday wear, as well as for special occasions. After all, such clothes allow you to hide flaws and emphasize advantages. It seems, stylish dresses will never go out of fashion. Therefore, we recommend you to buy women's dresses wholesale at the best prices.

The most popular types of women's dresses

At Gritana you can buy a dress, made in absolutely any style. The choice depends on the type of event, as well as from the features of your figure. Today we will find out, what types of dresses are most popular and trendy.

So, you can buy women's dresses in retail type case. It fits the body tightly, usually, has a cutout, the depth and shape of which can be different. There may be a zipper on the back. Most models are sleeveless. Though, that the first models appeared on the market back in 1930 year, and today such a model is a basic element of every woman's wardrobe, regardless of age and status.

Fashionable women's A-line dresses are available in the store. This model has a floor-length skirt, it can diverge from the waist. The history of the name of this dress is interesting, which is related to Dior's presentation - “A-line”. It was still 1955 year. At Gritana you can buy dresses inexpensively.

One of the most popular models are midi dresses. It can have a straight cut or fitted. The length is usually up to the knee. The choice depends on your body type and style preferences. Models are presented in a wide range, can be with or without sleeves.

Women often buy dresses like “balloon”. A distinctive feature of this model is the skirt, which is wider at the waist, while it tapers to the knees. This is an ideal option for owners of wide hips, because you can profitably adjust the figure. You can buy such a dress with a neckline or a closed type.

Gritana also offers stylish tunics, which will be an ideal solution for every day. It has a loose cut and covers the legs to mid-thigh. Such clothes are suitable for owners of different figures, because it perfectly hides all the flaws. You can wear the tunic as an independent item of clothing or combine it with leggings or even jeans.

Another interesting option are dresses in the style of Baby-doll. They combine elegance and childlike immediacy. Usually, they have a length of mini, the waist is inflated. A distinctive feature is a lush skirt made of light, weightless material. You can also buy this dress with a neckline, which will make the image simply unforgettable.

At Gritana, every girl will find the perfect dress for every day, as well as for special occasions.

Why you should buy a dress at Gritana?

Every girl should have at least a few dresses in her wardrobe, made in different styles. After all, such an element of clothing has many advantages.

First, dresses are beautiful. To look just great, it is very important to choose the right dress model. So you will look beautiful, elegant and will attract the attention of others.

Secondly, dresses are also elegant. By choosing the right dress, you will be able to emphasize all the advantages of the figure and hide the existing flaws. Example, the dress can be supplemented with a slit or a deep neckline. You will look sophisticated and very elegant in a beautiful dress. Example, long women's dresses look very beautiful.

Third, well-chosen dresses are also comfortable. You can wear them like every day, and choose a stylish option for a party or dinner with your significant other.

Fourthly, dresses are also versatile. After all, Gritana offers a very wide range of models. It is possible to choose the perfect option for absolutely any occasion in life: as for work in the office, and for going out into the world. Business dresses should also be highlighted separately. After all, you will not wear a short dress to the office or to an official meeting.

And you can buy all the things you need at Gritana.

Where to buy stylish and inexpensive dresses

In order not to overpay, we recommend choosing clothes from Gritana. All customers can buy dresses as retail, and wholesale. The cost is equally advantageous.

Gritana guarantees you the widest range of products, which is constantly expanding. So you should look for all new products right here. Example, in the catalog there are unusual dresses with a corset.

You can choose all the products you need remotely, for this you only need internet access. So shop for trendy dresses at home, at work or even in the subway.

We guarantee excellent service, high quality products and the most affordable prices.


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