Men's fashion does not change so quickly, as female. Example, a classic suit is an integral part of every man's wardrobe. Gritana offers the opportunity to buy jackets wholesale at the best prices. The catalog presents the widest assortment, models differ in cut, style and material. This is very important to consider during elections. We will talk about this later.

The main types of men's jackets

You can buy a men's jacket, made in different styles. To make the right choice, it is necessary to deal with the assortment of jackets.

Example, we offer you to buy a single-breasted men's jacket at retail. This is a universal version of the jacket, which is suitable for almost all men, regardless of the type of figure. Models differ not only in material, and the number of buttons: can be like one, and three. An important rule: the bottom button should not be fastened when wearing.

Only some models can have four buttons. The most fashionable men's jackets have three buttons. Depending on the dress code of the event, you can fasten only the middle button or leave only the bottom one unfastened. This particular jacket is a classic, therefore suitable for almost any event.

You can buy men's jackets inexpensively with a shawl collar.

Various materials are used to sew such clothes. The choice depends primarily on the season. Example, jackets for wearing in spring and summer are mostly made of linen or cotton. In some cases, silk is also used.

But for that, to keep you comfortable in winter and autumn, manufacturers sew jackets from wool and flannel. Another popular option is tweed. Pay attention to that, that men's jackets for every day can be made from a combined fabric.

Such jackets can be made in different colors. The best option is gray, blue or brown. For some cases, checkered or striped jackets are also suitable. Example, you can buy these men's prom jackets.

Another variety is a double-breasted jacket. Such models have three buttons, which are located vertically. To look stylish, this model needs to be fastened only on the two bottom buttons. But you can also fasten it only to the middle one. Other buttons perform a decorative function.

Choosing men's jackets for a wedding or any other event, pay attention to that, that double-breasted options are not suitable for overweight men. After all, several layers of fabric only additionally make the figure larger. So such clothes are not universal, and the choice should be approached with special care.

If the figure allows, you can buy a warm men's jacket of this type. It's not just stylish, and comfortable.

Which jacket is the most versatile

Classic jackets are another type of men's jackets. Such a model will never go out of fashion. Such jackets fit the figure perfectly, making the silhouette more masculine and elegant. So in such a suit you will look stylish at any official event.

Another advantage is that, that classic jackets will never go out of style. This means, that such a model, provided high quality, you will be able to wear for a really long time. The appearance will be stylish and expensive.

Classic jackets do not have any decorative elements. Their cut is also as simple as possible. So you can combine jackets with different types of pants. With the help of such a jacket, you can profitably adjust your figure, if you choose a fitted version with wider shoulders.

If you want to choose a fashionable men's jacket, but you are afraid to make a mistake, we recommend that you stop your choice on the classics. So you definitely won't go wrong. And to create a complete image, don't forget to buy a white shirt and a dark tie. If the dress code allows, you can pick up a handkerchief, which is placed in the breast pocket.

Where to buy a quality and inexpensive jacket

So that you don't have to spend time going to shopping centers in search of the perfect jacket, we recommend viewing the Gritana catalog. A wide range of models are presented here, the model range is constantly updated, therefore, you can find all new products right here.

The price of goods is quite affordable. And customers can buy clothes wholesale, and retail. Gritana works both with private individuals, and business, who wants to expand the range.

Buying from Gritana, you save time, forces and own funds. Confident, that after the first purchase you will become our regular customer.


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