About the company


Інтернет магазин модного i стильного одягу-GRITANA це сучасний ресурс, with which you can buy clothes for every taste and budget. В асортименті даного магазину представлений жіночий одяг вiд украiнського виробника, this allows you to buy quality goods directly from the manufacturer ,without a set of margins and at the initial price. Thanks to this, Women's clothes, which is available in the online store, can be purchased cheaply,at very reasonable prices as wholesale, and retail.

Online women's clothing store is open, depending on the needs of the buyer, as a wholesale or retail resource, To purchase our products in any required amount, you need to make only one step - place an order on the site,and this without leaving home or office. Enter the model number,also specify the necessary size and necessary quantity of goods and you will feel all advantages from an opportunity to buy qualitative stylish and fashionable women's clothing for any taste in GRITANA online store,and inexpensive for any budget.